How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story in 2024

How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story
How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story in 2024

Instagram is always changing, adding new stuff to keep users interested. It’s a cool place where there’s always something new happening. If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re missing out.

One awesome thing on Instagram is Stories. People love sharing their daily stuff with friends and followers. But here’s the cool part: Instagram has some hidden features that make your stories even more fun. You can add music, and stickers, make collages, and even include secret mentions in your stories.

Now, these secret mentions are a bit tricky. They’re invisible, not just to others but also to you. So, if you’ve hidden a mention in your Instagram Story, you might be wondering if there’s a way to find it again. Lots of folks are asking, “How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story “

What are Hidden Mentions on Instagram Stories?

Hidden mentions on Instagram Stories are a cool trick that lets users tag others without making their posts look messy. This neat tool lets creators add tags to their stories without showing usernames or messing up the way things look.

But why do people go for this hidden tagging thing, and what’s the big deal on Instagram? Basically, hidden mentions let you tag someone in a story without putting their username right out there. Unlike regular mentions that show the usernames, hidden mentions keep things low-key, making the story look clean.

Creators like hidden mentions for a few reasons. First off, it helps keep their stories looking clean and nice, making their feed look good. Secondly, this sneaky tagging respects the privacy of the people being tagged. It lets creators shout out or team up with others without showing their usernames to everyone.

To do a hidden mention, users type the “@” symbol and the username just like a normal mention. But instead of showing the username, they make the text smaller or put it cleverly outside the visible screen. This way, the tagged folks get notifications and know about the mention, but it stays hidden from the viewers of the story.

To see hidden mentions on the Instagram stories you have to open the app>go to the story where you have added hidden mentions>tap on the three dots icon>tap on add mentions option and here you will have the list of hidden mentions on your story.

Can the Hidden Mentions be seen?

When you share a story on Instagram, you can check out the whole list of people you’ve mentioned, whether you’ve hidden them or not. But here’s the catch: if someone else puts up the story, you won’t be able to see the secret mentions in that specific story.

Why Use Hidden Mentions?

1. Aesthetic Appeal

The main reason people use hidden mentions is to keep their Instagram Stories looking nice. When there are lots of usernames all over the screen, it can be distracting and mess up the main content or story. By hiding these tags, creators make sure their presentation looks clean and visually appealing.

2. Storytelling Made Easy

Instagram Stories are like a storytelling canvas. To tell a good story, you want to be able to use tags without taking over the whole narrative. Hidden mentions let you smoothly add tagged people into your story without messing with the flow.

3. More Interaction

Just because you hide mentions doesn’t mean they lose their power. People still get notifications when they’re tagged in hidden mentions. This keeps the interaction going, encouraging them to check out the story or respond.

4. Keeping Things Private

Sometimes, you want to give a shoutout or work with others, but you don’t want everyone to see their usernames. Hidden mentions help with this by letting you acknowledge people without revealing who they are to everyone.

5. Having Control Over Tags

Being in control is a big deal with hidden mentions. Creators can decide where to put tags and control how visible they are. This way, tags add to the story without taking over the whole show.

Hidden mentions in Instagram Stories are a cool feature that quietly makes a big difference. They let users smoothly include tags in their stories without overshadowing the visual appeal of the

How to see Hidden Mentions on Instagram Story

How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story
How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story in 2024

Now that you know you can see hidden mentions on your Instagram story so get’s quickly move ahead to the step guide that will help you to see hidden mentions on your Instagram story. Make sure to carefully go through the step guide given below:

Step 1: On your device, you have to launch the “Instagram App” firstly.

Step 2: Then, head to your “Story” where you have added “Hidden Mentions”.

Step 3: Now, hit on the “Three Dots Icon”.

Step 4: Then, click on the option “Add Mentions”.

Step 5: Here, you will see the “List Of People” you have mentioned in your story.

Note: Once you have posted a story on Instagram you cannot remove someone from your story mentions list unless you choose to delete your story. Also, you can tag more people in your Instagram story even after posting the story with the help of add mentions feature.

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How To See Hidden Mentions On Someone’s Instagram Story?

Instagram doesn’t provide a built-in feature to view hidden mentions on someone else’s Instagram story. However, there are some third-party apps and tools that claim to help with this. It’s important to note that not all of these tools are trustworthy, so it’s wise to review them carefully before using.

Instagram will notify you if someone mentions you in their story, but you won’t receive information about other people mentioned in the story if the user has hidden mentions. The only way to know who else is tagged in the story is if they are your mutual connections and choose to reshare the story on their own feed.

How To Add Hidden Mentions On Instagram?

How To Add Hidden Mentions On Instagram?
How To Add Hidden Mentions On Instagram?

Now that you’ve learned how to see hidden tags on your Instagram, let’s quickly go through a step-by-step guide to help you add hidden mentions. Make sure to carefully follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Firstly, open the “Instagram App”.

Step 2: Then, click on the “+ Icon” and hit on the “Story” option.

Step 3: Now, start “Adding A Story” from your camera roll or record one.

Step 4: Then, click on the “Sticker Icon” and choose the “Mention” option.

Step 5: Now, “Tag People” in your story, “Drag The Mention” away from your screen until it disappears and that’s how you can add hidden mentions to your story.

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Wrapping Up!

As we conclude our discussion on how to view hidden mentions on Instagram stories, we hope you’ve gathered all the necessary information. Instagram stories come packed with various features that can enhance your audience engagement.

While adding hidden mentions is a fun feature, we strongly advise against relying on third-party apps or tools to uncover them, as they may not be entirely safe. If you have any questions about hidden mentions on Instagram, feel free to drop them in the comment box below. Thank you!


What are hidden mentions on Instagram Story?

Hidden mentions on Instagram Story refer to when a user tags or mentions you in their story, but you don’t receive a notification. This can happen if the user has set their account to private or has customized their story settings.

Why am I not receiving notifications for Instagram Story mentions?

If the user who mentioned you has a private account or has restricted their story settings, you may not receive notifications for mentions. Instagram respects users’ privacy preferences, affecting how notifications are delivered.

Can I view hidden mentions without the user’s approval?

No, Instagram prioritizes user privacy. If someone has a private account or has restricted their story settings, you won’t be able to view hidden mentions without their approval.

How do I change my own story settings to allow hidden mentions?

To receive notifications for mentions, make sure your own story settings are set to public or are configured to allow mentions from a broader audience. Adjust these settings in your Instagram account preferences.

Can I request notification access for hidden mentions from Instagram?

No, Instagram does not provide an option to request notification access for hidden mentions. Users have control over their privacy settings, and respecting these settings is a fundamental aspect of the platform.

Is there a workaround to see hidden mentions without the user’s knowledge?

No, it’s important to respect other users’ privacy settings. Attempting to view hidden mentions without the user’s approval goes against Instagram’s terms of service and can result in consequences for your account.

How do I know if someone has mentioned me in their story?

Check your direct messages and notification tab for any story mentions. If you’re not receiving notifications, it’s possible that the user has hidden the mention through their privacy settings.

Can I see hidden mentions if I follow the user who mentioned me?

Following the user who mentioned you may increase the chances of receiving notifications, but if they have strict privacy settings, it might not guarantee visibility. Check your notification settings and ensure they are configured to allow story mentions.

Is there a way to communicate with Instagram support about missing mentions?

Instagram’s support channels can be used to report technical issues or glitches. However, missing notifications for story mentions may be related to privacy settings, which are intentional and controlled by individual users.

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