How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories 2024 – 2 Easy Methods

How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories
How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories

Wondering How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

In this post, we’ll guide you on effortlessly uncovering those concealed tags in Instagram stories and how you can make the most of them.

Instagram stories have become super popular on the platform. People use them to share their daily stuff, connect with followers, and even boost their businesses.

And guess what? Tags are like your secret weapon to make your Instagram story more visible! Let’s dive into how you can use them to your advantage.

What are Instagram Story Tags?

Let’s take a moment to grasp how tags function in Instagram stories before delving into the details of hidden tags. When you craft a story, you have the option to include hashtags, mentions, and location tags.

These tags aren’t just there for show – they’re clickable and play a crucial role in boosting your content’s visibility. Here’s the deal: when someone searches for a specific hashtag or location on Instagram, any stories tagged with that keyword or location pop up in the search results.

In simple terms, using relevant tags can expand the reach of your stories to a broader audience. And here’s the kicker – there are these nifty things called “invisible hashtags” or hidden tags that you can add to your stories without making them look cluttered with text. Smart, right?

How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories – Step-By-Step Guide

Finding hidden tags on Instagram isn’t a walk in the park, thanks to Instagram’s setup. Unlike regular tags, these sneaky hidden tags don’t show up on the story itself.

But fear not! We’ve got a workaround. The only way to unveil these hidden tags is by turning to a third-party app, such as HannanMaxIG. Follow the steps below for a simple guide on how to reveal those elusive hidden tags in your Instagram story.

How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories 2024 – 2 Easy Methods

Method 1 – Use HannanMaxIG App to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories

Sure thing! Here’s a simple guide for uncovering those hidden tags in your Instagram story using HannanMaxIG:

  1. Open the Play Store on your mobile device and look for the HannanMaxIG app.

2. Download the app and log in to your Instagram account.

3. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll be taken to the dashboard. Now, scroll down, and you’ll spot the stories section – it’s right there! Easy, right?

How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories 2024 – 2 Easy Methods

  1. Now, press the “See All” button, and you’ll get a list of all your followers. Simply tap on any of them to check out their story details. Easy peasy!
How to See Hidden Tags on Instagram Stories 2024 – 2 Easy Methods

  1. Next, tap on the “Show Story Details” button located above the story itself. Here, you’ll find a list of all the tags added to the story, including any hidden ones. It’s all right there for you to explore!

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Method 2 – See Hidden Tags Using the Instagram App

Absolutely, not everyone might have the same options. If the previous method didn’t quite hit the mark for you, no worries. Here’s an alternative approach that might work:

  1. First things first, open up the Instagram app. Head into the profile you’re interested in (especially if you have more than one account).
  2. Here, click on the ‘Menu’ (you know, that hamburger icon) at the top-right corner. Select the ‘Settings’ option and then choose ‘Privacy.’
  3. Take a look inside, and check if there’s an option called ‘Show Hashtags.’ If you see it, great! Enable it.
  4. Once you’ve got it turned on, voila! Now you should be able to see all those ‘hidden hashtags/mentions’ on Instagram stories. Easy does it!

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Why Some Tags Are Hidden on Instagram Stories

Below are some valid reason why users use hidden tags on Instagram stories

  • Adding too many hashtags can make a story look cluttered and unappealing
  • Marketing and promotion stragegy could be a reason why tags are hidden to give the story more coverage indirectly.

That’s it. With the tips and tools outlined here, you can find people’s hidden tags and take your Instagram story game to the next level.


  1. How can I see hidden tags on Instagram Stories?

    To view hidden tags on Instagram Stories, simply tap on the Story to pause it. Once paused, swipe up on the screen to reveal any hidden tags, mentions, or links.

  2. Why are some tags hidden on Instagram Stories?

    Instagram allows users to hide tags for a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This feature helps maintain a visually appealing story while still providing relevant information to interested viewers.

  3. Can I see hidden tags on someone else’s Instagram Story?

    No, you can only see hidden tags on your own Instagram Stories. The feature is designed to give users control over the visibility of tags on their own content.

  4. How do I hide tags on my Instagram Story?

    To hide tags on your Instagram Story, use the text tool to add tags, mentions, or links. After adding them, pinch the text with two fingers and make it smaller until it becomes almost invisible. This way, the tags will still function, but they won’t be prominently displayed.

  5. Do hidden tags affect the performance of my Instagram Story?

    No, hidden tags do not impact the performance of your Instagram Story. The algorithm considers all relevant content, whether visible or hidden, when determining engagement and reach.

  6. Can I hide tags selectively on different parts of my Story?

    Yes, you can hide tags selectively on different parts of your Story. Use the pinch-to-zoom technique to make specific tags smaller or larger based on your preferences.

  7. Are there any limitations to hiding tags on Instagram Stories?

    While you can hide tags, mentions, and links, it’s important to ensure that the hidden elements are still readable and accessible to your audience. Excessive hiding may lead to a less engaging user experience.

  8. Will hiding tags affect my followers’ ability to engage with my Story?

    No, hiding tags won’t hinder your followers’ ability to engage with your Story. They can still click on and interact with the hidden tags, mentions, or links if they choose to do so.

  9. How can I make sure my hidden tags are still effective?

    To ensure the effectiveness of hidden tags, use contrasting colors or fonts that make them visible when someone actively tries to discover them by pausing and swiping up on your Story.

  10. Can I hide tags on Instagram Highlights?

    No, as of the latest update, Instagram does not provide an option to hide tags on Highlights. Hidden tags only apply to individual Stories.

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